Juan Pablo Cheret

Juan Pablo Cheret was Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He currently lives and works in Florida, U.S.A.
By Pursuing his early passion for Science and Technology he got his degree in Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires, continuing then his career in Scientific Research and receiving several grants. He moved subsequently to the Technology industry, where he worked for different multinational companies.

A self taught Artist; he has always been connected to Art throughout his life, in different forms and periods.
Juan Pablo Cheret combines these multiple disciplines and experiences as rich sources of inspiration for his Creative process, his Vision and Works.

In his latest photographic Series, “Intruders”, he depicts the silent collision between dissimilar worlds. The disruption of the established order, represented by strange beings who dwell in subtle oniric spaces, evidencing the limits of our own humanity…

Recent Exhibitions
The Deceptive Eye 2010 | Miami-Wynwood
FOTO30  2010 |
Guatemala, Guatemala

Arte BA 2010 | Buenos Aires, Argentina
JUANNIO 2010 |Guatemala, Guatemala

ART Shanghai 2010 | Shanghai, China
Group Exhibition | 2010 Art Center of Hollywood, FL
MIA Miami Int’l Art Fair 2010 | Miami Beach, FL
Buenos Aires Photo ’09 | Buenos Aires Argentina
SOLO Exhibition | Galeria Arte x Arte, Argentina
Group Exhibition | 2009 Art Center of Hollywood, FL
Miami Photo 2008 | Miami, FL
Pinta 2008 | New York City, NY

His works are part of private and corporate collections in USA and Argentina.

updated October  2010