ARTIST STATEMENT  - “Intruders” Series

I’m interested in the creation of spaces defined by subtle lights and strong emptiness. These Psychological landscapes, loaded with Tribal and Primitive Symbols, are the center of my creative energy.

I bring to my work, the stages and actors who live in the unconscious level, to become present in a natural way.

Time’s been stopped and the images give a glance of an incomplete story, told by the absences of the ones we don’t see, those who’ve just left tenuous lights behind them. At the same time these images suggest, through a deceiving tranquility, an omen of imminent things to come.

Solitude, Uncertainty and Change are presented through a symbolic narrative that I build starting from the physical world, working with paper, plastic toys, wood, stone and wax.

This craftsmanship driven process, along with the help of carefully selected sources of light, connects my senses with the foundation of the world I want to create.  I let light in, only to reveal shapes and textures. This light doesn’t force or impose anything. Just becomes present and sufficient to let the subjects speak.

Then, through photography, I move to and continue into the next level, evolving these handmade constructions into the final spaces I’ve anticipated.

Tranquility, balance and silence are deceptive... there’s still change about to happen...

Juan Pablo Cheret

updated May 2010